Visual content with you in mind.

Focused On Conceptualizing Unique Styles

If you're on the hunt for a creative photographer who can transform your vision into an artful unique image, look no further than someone who is focused on conceptualizing unique styles. From capturing candid moments to staging editorial-worthy shots, Focus n Color Visuals has the skills and creativity to produce truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are sure to impress. Whether you want a series of portraits that showcase your individuality or a set of product shots that help tell your brand's story, a creative-focused photographer knows how to elevate every shot through careful composition, lighting, and technical prowess. So why settle for cookie-cutter photos when you can work with someone passionate about pushing artistic boundaries and creating truly stunning visual content? If you know you're ready to work, let's talk more and link with me below.

Focus n Color is based in Atlanta but is available to travel for business wishing to capture their brand in the ideal locations throughout the U.S. 


Focused On

center of activity, attraction or attention


develop a thought and visualize


unusual or special in some way


a distinctive appearance

Every time I step onto a photography set, my goal is to ensure that everyone involved experiences good energy. A positive and collaborative environment is essential for creating inspired work, and I make it a point to instill this ethos in every photo shoot I'm a part of. Whether it's through calm and collected direction or simple encouragement towards creativity, my aim is to make every person feel valued and inspired. After all, when the energy on set is positive, it creates an atmosphere where taking risks becomes easy, and the resulting product often exceeds expectations. So, as long as there's good energy on every photo shoot I'm a part of, I know that we can create something truly special together - something that inspires us all.

Who said professional real estate images are boring and lack creativity? A professional photographer can capture the beauty of a property in such a way that it showcases its unique features and character. Stunning photos taken from different angles, vibrant color contrast, and clever compositions can make a simple house stand out, inviting potential buyers to take notice.

Your professional images serve as the initial impression for your brand, business, or even your professional persona. It is crucial to ensure that these images are of the highest quality and accurately represent your identity.

SAY it with VIDEO content

Video has become an indispensable tool to connect with audiences and build brand awareness. Whether you're a small business owner, content creator or influencer, video allows you to convey your message in a compelling way.